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Inner Beauty Matters More Than Appearance??

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

People always emphasize the importance of inner beauty over appearance.

At least that's what I've been hearing since I was a child, as "the appearance is shallow while the inner beauty being more long-lasting"

But do you really fully believe in it?

Let me tell you a story about Jer Lau- a rising singer I adore a lot recently.

Image: IG@jeremylaous

Jer is a member of Mirror, the boy band that's a big hit in Hong Kong currently.

Rather than singing the average love songs, Jer has a unique taste. His songs are artistic, need to be digested as they concern serious topics about life and death.

With his sentimental yet powerful voice, these songs weigh- they touch your soul and trigger your reflection on living and relations.

What amazes me more is his versatile singing style- he can be psychedelic, wild, clear, and warm. Through him, I start to explore the world of Cantonese songs and savor their beauty.

Among all Jer's songs, this one being the first touching my heart and remains top of my most favorite- both the lyrics and the rhythm. It talks about how we learn to accept and forgive what's incarnated in our destiny.

The Hidden Gem with a Rough Start

After being recognized and winning several important commercial prizes, many predict that Jer could become the next legend in Cantonese pop after Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan. Despite his undeniable talent and the applause he gains nowadays, Jer actually had a rough start. In the reality talent competition show, despite his enticing voice, Jer was eliminated unanimously in the very first round of his performance.

In the later repechage, all judges were undoubtedly convinced by Jer's talented performance. Yet the only discussion they had remained, "what's the chance to fix his appearance?"

Jer is lucky as his agent (also the show producer) Ahfa Wong saw and strongly believed in the beauty of this hidden gem. That's why he could have a chance to join Mirror, finally step on this journey to pursue his singing dream. And of course, with the help of professional styling later on, Jer can finally go through several style transformations and discover looks that can well represent his quality. That also helps attract more people to start noticing him and further appreciate his talent, his depth, and pleasant personality.


Jer's Style Transformation Journey

Image: ViuTV

Jer may not be a handsome guy in mainstream eyes. Yet his pure gaze and characteristic full lips caught my eyes quickly even before his style transformation. Somehow they show me the less confidence, shyness, and struggle of this young man under his gentle look, which makes him recognizable to me in the crowd.

Never underestimate the power of hairstyle and grooming to alter and elevate one's look Image: IG@jeremylaous,

To me, Jer's sentimental and cultured side definitely forms his unique charisma. With the more refined skin and better grooming, Jer's clear eyes and pure smile now stand out. His signature central parting also becomes more hipster with wavy hairstyles and the touch of the chic hair colour.

I believe what you wear would bring out the best of you if that's authentic to who you are. Image:, IG@jeremylaous

Jer's best asset lies in his richness to master multiple styles of songs effortlessly. When his dressing and styling can fully reflect his multifaced quality- that says, a twist with"attitude" should be his best styling strategy no matter it's vintage, hipster, rebellion, or grungy dandiness, that would be the best style to present him as a charming story inside out. This styling direction can be ageless and versatile for him and will become much more enchanting while he gets more mature in life. How will Jer grow in his performance career and further evolve in his personal style? That will be something I look forward to witnessing very much going forward.

People say eyes are windows to the soul. Apparently, our appearance is a door to our inner beauty. In order to invite others to get to know our personal story, fortunately or unfortunately, we need to dress our appearance to make it a teaser. At least that's what I see in Jer's story. So tell me now- do you still believe appearance being unimportant?!


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