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My New Year’s Wish

Updated: May 8, 2021

Something I love about new year since my childhood is to make new wishes. It feels like I have a chance to wash out those bad happenings in the past one year, and refresh myself like a new person in the coming year through this gesture. Lucky enough, we have Chinese New Year, which serves as a bonus in case I missed out any wishes a month ago!


In 2017, I started my image consultant business. At this stage I focus more on personal styling service- I help my clients identify their style, rebuild wardrobe and offer styling and shopping advice/service upon their needs. I have so much fun especially when seeing people love what I recommend and become confident with how they look.  Meanwhile, however, somehow I also realise that shopping seems become an ultimate goal at the end in most cases. That means, unconsciously, I contribute to this result.

Lately I am quite shocked by two learning- one is how the microplastics we generate in daily life has heavily polluted the ocean and slaughtered marine creatures. Eventually everything comes back to us human beings through food chain.

via Pinterest

Sea turtle with straw up in its nostril. The take-out process is too bloody and thus I don’t share it here.

The second is a rising lifestyle called “Zero Waste.” The founder Bea Johnson- a native French settling in California US- illustrates herself and through her daily family life how they manage to generate only a small jar of trash per year. The ultimate guide is to simplify one’s life by reducing the waste under a careful thought.

To many people, fashion represents vanity and over-consumption. It may be true in some way. However, with the rising attention to sustainability, many fashion brands have also started to take actions. For example, more and more brands claim to give up using the real fur (see my previous post It’s Cool to Fake It!).

Recycling and development to more eco-friendly fabrics has also become the hot topic. The eco-fashion design competition- such as Redress Design Award- appears to create a platform for emerging fashion designers showing their creativity riding on sustainable theories and techniques.

All inspires me to make my new year’s wishes below- they may seem as little efforts. But many drops of water make a river, doesn’t it?!

Being smart fashionable– a reminder to myself and a guideline in my service.

All start from the wardrobe- to avoid over-consumption and maximise what you have, you need to know what you have.Build a capsule and well categorise your stuffs help.Keep a good quality of an essential collection (should share at least 70% of your wardrobe)- learn to replace than replicate.Well leverage accessories to make styles versatile.


Being consciously hedonistic 

I love using masks in my skincare routine. Instead of choosing the convenient paper mask, however, I will start switching to washable mask- less preservatives and more eco in package.I love drinking hot coffee and milk tea with straw to keep my teeth clean. Maybe it’s time to look for a reusable straw and carry it with me all the time.Not to mention that shopping bag will be my new fashion signature.


Happy Eco-Fashion Dog Year!


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