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Be Authentic, Be Different

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

You may think rebranding yourself with a new image is all about the makeover on the appearance. The truth is, without acknowledging and being authentic to who you are, your new look may be fuzzy but cannot say about yourself nor can it sustain.

Having been watching Edan Lui, a member of Hong Kong boy band Mirror, for a while.

I am amazed by his transformation from an inconspicuous young lad to a versatile heartthrob in 3 years. Rather than fully crediting the work to his stylist team, I would say it owes more to Edan's self-recognition and striving to develop a better version of himself with a clear strategy.

If you don't stand out in all aspects among your peers, what could be your chance to be seen?

This was Edan's position while he just kicked off his entertaining career as a Mirror member.

He was told by his agent that the best they saw in him was a supporting role in the group.

Image: IG@Edanlui, ViuTV

Rather than setting back, Edan quickly acknowledged that his being average in all aspects turns out to be a weakness- without a strong personal signature, it's hard to impress and be remembered. In response, he chose to drive himself to be an all-round artist by seizing all sorts of opportunities and maximizing what he has.


He wisely used his songs to present who Edan Lui is.

His debut solo "Mr. E's Series of Unfortunate Events", for example, tells about his character.

Through his sentimental voice, Edan sings out his struggle of being mediocre and his humble hope to be loved. Authentically connecting to the common emotion we all share, this song rose to be one of the big hits in Hong Kong last year.

It is said that all Edan's songs launched in 2021, his first year solo, are written based on a part of him. Maybe that's why his singing can easily touch the audience despite his technique remains to be polished.


His humor and wit are naturally disclosed in variety shows.

Different from how an idol would usually wrap up in front of the camera, Edan doesn't mind showing his down-to-ground and even a bit vulgar side. That brings him closer to the audience.

Image: IG@Edanlui

Despite the relatively conservative attitude toward LGBT issues in Hong Kong, Edan still took the chance to play the leading role in "Ossan's Love" - the most popular Hong Kong TV drama in 2021. His fresh and adorable acting- somewhat reflects part of his true personality- not only helps him attract a great base of fans quickly but also opens him a door to more movies and TV shows.


An Idol with a fresh perspective

In spite of being recognized to be a potential comedian, Edan once revealed his wish to be a mainstream idol without showing much of this funny side. Luckily in the end, he keeps his authenticity and multi-faceted style. After all, what is proven to differentiate him from most idols happens to be this rich character- He can be vulgar and yet sophisticated; worldly-wise yet straightforward; humble and still so full-of-himself; charming like a man yet still fresh like a boy next door.

People may think success comes from luck and hard work. In Edan's case, aside from these two elements, his evolution also involves careful thoughts. After he sees clearly his position, he fully embraces who he is, maximizes what he has, and builds himself up as an authentic & adorable brand.

That sets him off as an true idol with a fresh perspective and to blossom in multiple fields- as a fashion icon, a charming singer/musician, a talented actor, and a potential show host.

Image: IG@Edanlui

To me, Edan's strong signature comes from his clarity and brightness from both his look and personality. With his better grooming now, by simply changing his hairstyle, Edan can better master different images and roles at ease with quality and his personal touch. As long as he keeps this authenticity, when he gets more mature with richer life experience and a stronger mind, it won't be a surprise to see his another transformation as an artist. And I will be very looking forward to seeing how he can further impress us!

Your appearance is a projection of your inner world.

You don't need to be perfect. But you will need a little effort to understand your true self and reflect that authentically on your look. Then that will become your personal story, a brand that touches and connects people deeply.


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