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How to Be a Stylish Man

Updated: May 3, 2021

I love sharing styling tips. The only problem is, as a stylist, blogger plus an amateur model and photographer, it’s difficult for me to fully dedicate myself to the selfies and generate qualitative pictures all the time. Looking from the sources on the internet can be good idea. However, some of my readers complain that these models are just too perfect to relate.

Recently, I notice that some of my friends actually know how to dress themselves in their own style. They may not be connoisseurs from the fashion world, nor are they the trend-setters. However, they just know how to leverage outfits to express who they are. Starting from this year, I will eye on people around me and try to share more best practices and the styling inspiration from them. Hopefully these icons from the ordinary life can inspire your daily styling to be extraordinary. Bonne chance!


Not-So-Ordinary Casual Men Style

Let’s start the new year with stylish men! In my observation, most men are shy when talking about how they dress. Some men totally rely on their partners to take care of their wardrobes; others just follow whatever their peers wear even if that does not suit them at all. The most common issue with men lies on not only lacking self-awareness of their style personality and  body shape, but also wrongly taking “casual” as a synonym of sloppiness.  One will know why it matters so much if he realizes that almost 60% of his personal image being determined by the appearance- the colours one wears send certain messages; your first impression is formed in 30 seconds by how you look before you open your mouth. 

Who says a man has to be with perfect model shape and dress the most trendy branded clothes to look stylish? All the thoughts inspire me to share the looks of my two male friends- they have totally different personalities yet both looks great as themselves. I shot their daily looks during our recent tough 2.5-week India trip (so you understand that they only brought easy and casual pieces!) . You will find how easy it can actually be to dress casually with style and taste- as long as you know yourself better!


Danny: Everyone’s Dream Boyfriend

Image: Fashion with Attitude

If I have to name one man who can arguably win the title of best boyfriend, Danny is definitely on the top of my list!

Danny always has this gentle smile and caring nature to people around. At his middle age, he still keeps that youthful freshness and shyness.

Yet what really reveals to me his personality and his aspiration to look caring and accessible is through his outfits (I guessed first and he admitted it!) With Deep being his dominant colour, Danny undoubtedly looks great in deep colours. Then I noticed that it is kind of his signature to constantly wear a touch of muted/softer shade in his look. It could be scarf, or simply a tone-on-tone layering . These muted colours complete his looks with dimensions and serve as an extension to who he is.

Image: Fashion with Attitude
Image: Fashion with Attitude
Image: Fashion with Attitude

Learning from Danny:

Most of my male clients and friends tend to take conservative approaches in terms of the way they dress. That says, in their wardrobe, the colour spectrum could be as narrow as white, black, navy and maybe just a bit grey. There is nothing wrong to play safe. It is just that even safe colours can create not-so-ordinary style if you know how to mix and match with different shades and fabrics to add an interest.


Diamond: A Natural Shining Star

Image: Fashion with Attitude

Diamond always stands out easily no matter where he is. I mean, who can miss a striking good-looking guy when his male peers are mostly in dull shades?

Among my male friends, Diamond is one of the best to master colours. His profession as a therapist allows him to access and embrace colours. With Clear being his dominant colour, Diamond can look so natural and easy with all the bright shades.  The strong contrast has become a signature on his common daily wear. The only thing is, personally Diamond wishes to show more his authoritative and sharp side in life and his professional field. To reach this end, in my interpretation, he wears daring shades, such as Fuchsia, Burgundy, or Chinese Blue, to skillfully elevate himself and perfectly complete his cool tone. Meanwhile, he matches neutral deep shades in the same outfit to keep the sober attitude.

Learning from Diamond: If you are a Clear dominant type as Diamond, why waste this gift to sink yourself in dull shades? Keep a touch of brightness and create contrast on your look- you can simply use accessories, such as scarf, shoes and socks, or bags to achieve it. Or if you’re outgoing and would like to show the world your passion more, try a jersey top in a bright shade. It can be just a pattern or the background colour. These details elevate your look with interest even if you still keep everything simple!


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