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In the Mood for a Muted Autumn Winter

Updated: May 3, 2021

Maybe my recent trip to North Europe is too fantastic that my soul refuses to come back, or maybe the sudden rise of Morandi colours through a popular Chinese TV drama “Palace of YanXi” is too influential. All of the sudden, I am so in the mood for the muted colour palette in this autumn!

Subdued ash tones are not easy to be appreciated at the first glance. Unlike bright colours that naturally deliver a vivid and pleasant mood, or the pure black and white that carry cool and strong character, muted colours seem just too soft and understated. Yet ash tone can easily bring out the quality and class, and provides peace and grace to someone who wears them. The elegant simplicity matches the Nordic aesthetic perfectly, which explains why they are important colours in home deco in Nordic region- you can’t imagine how a comfortable and tasteful home matters to Nordic people given the length of the big winter outdoor.

Same in the fashion, Scandi style gets hit at this moment- its being admired for being laid-back, uncomplicated, sophisticated yet still functional. To replicate this style, nothing’s better than using subdued ash tone colours. They serve versatile possibilities for layering: both tone-on-tone and as a perfect accommodation to various accent colours. They are soft yet with strength, chic with depth, timeless and upscale. Following I am sharing few on-trend ash-tone colours for you to embrace a chic autumn winter.


Green is the true 2018 Autumn Winter hit colour! It’s literally everywhere. The pine colour is my new darling recently. It can be worn as black with a chic twist, and being glamorous with any accessories- gold, silver and pearl!

arrying with the check or patterns can be so trendy and vivid.

Let’s not forget the fashionable blue-ish green colours that start to be on fire since this spring summer.

Earth Colours

Earth tone is always the best neutral colour especially in autumn winter. This season, however, it’s popular to wear them from head-to-toe by mixing and matching different fabrics.


Powdery pink is the best match to white and gray. Collided with its extreme black, the style can be unexpectedly charming too!


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