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It’s Cool to Fake It

Updated: May 8, 2021

Despite of being an animal lover, I can still understand why some people fall in love with fur. A fur coat is warm, luxurious and gives an intimate feeling. With a general higher price point, it goes without saying that fashion world loves to use fur in their winter collection to achieve a bigger sales volume.

Starting from the recent years, however, the abandonment to fur has become the new trend in the fashion industry. This year, Gucci and the e-commerce giant Yoox Net-a-Porter has announced the end of selling/using fur in their business- following the footprint of Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Ralph Laurent, Dries Van Noten and the UK department store Selfridges. Not to mention the all-time vegan-fashion fighter Stella McCartney and her well-established “fur free fur” collection since 2015.

Honestly, I am very happy with the trend and definitely admire these cool brands to have a courage for the change. Being part of the fashion industry for many years, I always observe and think of buying fur products being the least wise shopping choice. Let alone the common argument around animal cruelty and environmental morality. A fur product is normally much more costly- both the retail price and the maintenance afterwards. Besides, limited by the loud style, a fur product has poorer versatility than other winter items. Plus this same luxurious style is actually achievable through other substitutions- they are much cheaper for sure and can be even more modern! Here are some ideas for you to be fur-free dazzling in the coming festival season:

Faux Fur

Vogue Paris August 2017 issue features Gisele Bünchen wearing faux fur. It is an indication to this rising eco-fashion trend.

Vogue Paris August Issue

Under the modern technology, faux fur can achieve the same high-quality level of softness, luxury and warmth with much less price yet more versatile in terms of the design.

Embellished accessories

Accessories are amazing transformers! Certain materials- satin, velvet (both are very evening look by nature and perfect on bags and shoes)- and/or design with embellished details- such as sequins, beads, feathers- can immediately elevate the quality of your looks.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have become the new makeup and the generation selfie’s favorite! Both fashion and fine jewelries go really fashionable now- bigger, sculptural, with exaggerated sizes and mismatched colors. They easily create a sense of luxury on someone even dressing simple.

這幾季造型誇張的大耳環成為時尚潮人自拍的最愛. 和以前不同的是, 這種風格同時成為平價和高級珠寶擁戴的新寵. 這幾季走紅的設計, 除了大的誇張之外, 也具備強烈的幾何感, 並在顏色和穿戴上都流行不對稱路線. 就算穿著簡單, 耳間流露的時髦和貴氣也能讓你瞬間搶眼.


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