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My Fashion Savior: Sunglasses

Updated: May 8, 2021

People always say that there are no ugly women but only lazy ones. But let’s face the reality- even the most diligent woman has her fashion fatigued moments, and I am no exception. To keep myself stylish in these moments, I have a survival kit, and sunglasses being one of the most important in it.

The magic about sunglasses is, each pair has its own personality and can easily create a powerful statement with the plainest outfits. The personality of sunglasses comes from the shape of the frame, the lenses, the colors and materials, not to mention those embellished details. Therefore, it can naturally become my first choice in fashion emergency moments-whenever all of a sudden I lose my passion to makeup, lack of inspiration in front of my wardrobe, in a bad hair day or just simply in a rush.

I am lucky to have a facial shape that fits most shapes of Sunglasses. Therefore, it has been so easy for me to indulge into collecting all cool sunglasses taking advantage of my job as a fashion merchandiser. After suffering from several house moving in these years and the limited home space in Hong Kong, gradually I learn to downsize my sunglasses collection to the following essentials:

Darling round

I love this miu miu round sunnies a lot for its light weight and versatility in style- it can be retro, relaxed, or shows an rebellious attitude under a naive outlook. My first choice for an effortless chic style!

Classic oversize

What can be more glamorous than a pair of oversize sunglasses? They give mysterious movie-star look and- what’s better- can also turn into chic headband. I treat this pair of Bottega Veneta as fine jewelry in styling- it adds a glamorous highlight to my silhouette even with its clean and subtle design. On top, I am also in love with these two pairs of Chloé for the elegant Bohemian spirit, and this Prada oversize for the amazingly beautiful curvy temples.

Twisted aviator

I agree everyone- women and men- should own a pair of aviator: it is lightweight, easy-to-fit and unisex. Aviator sunnies go perfectly with the current athleisure trend and have come back with many creative designs- for example, Gucci being a big promoter to this Aviator glasses trend in a nerdy mood on its Spring Summer 2016 catwalk. To me, I like all the benefits of classic aviator yet also welcome some simple twists on details. This pair of white-rimmed Mykita sunnies happen to be perfect when I am craving for a light mood!

In Your Face

Under the geek chic and wacky fashion trend, sunglasses have unlimited possibilities nowadays in terms of the design and way-to-wear. Mirror lens, cat eyes, juicy colors become ordinary. Some seems dysfunctional yet undeniable cool sunglasses rise, and some even has its unique way to wear- for example, tilted low on the nose. They don’t only show fashion but also an attitude!


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