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Unforgettable Charisma

Updated: May 8, 2021

I just realized that I’ve spent a very french week last week!

First of all, I had a great salami-cheese-red wine evening with my french classmates talking about French songs, movies and culture. Prior to that, I saw three French movies during the Hong Kong French film festival. Like the storyboard or not, I have to admit that it is totally a pleasure to watch those charming French ladies in the films.

Fanny Ardant in “Lola Pater

A transsexual man to woman, who has to reconnect with her long-lost son and face herself again. Her flamboyant style with bold colors, flirting and emotional eyes and body gestures quicky capture you with this unique French sexiness

Catherine Deneuve in “Bonne Pomme”

An insecure hostel owner lives a messy and irresponsible life. She seems selfish, greedy, uncaring and self-centred. Yet it is that carelessness perfectly interprets the French style of charm. I love the way Deneuve dressing in the movie- it is embellished yet gracefully, just perfect to her age!

Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Gainsbourg

(her mother Jane Brikin is reason of the birth of Hermès Birkin Bag) in “Ismael’s Ghosts

A hobo who returns to her abandoned life 20 years after her disappearance vs. a sober astrophysicist and their triangle love story. The perfect performance of these two actresses give us a view on different faces of French women, despite the movie is just mediocre to me.

All different, each unique

Fashion industry loves French women for a reason- they are charismatic yet hard to be put into one category. Same as everyone, these charming ladies are not perfect- and perhaps even look messy in some way. You may not agree with the way they dress and they are not young at all. However, when putting up everything, they just make themselves unforgettable.

Where is this unforgettable charisma from? To me, we all possess this strong energy called “charisma”. Just it could only be uncovered and shine through authenticity- one has to dare to be oneself- and courage- to lose control sometimes, and the wisdom to let go in life. On top, age is the best seasoning to spice up yet harmonize all qualities.

That’s what I expect to achieve through my personal styling service- to help my clients understand and unveil their own charm, live and dress with comfort and confidence, and naturally attract people as they’re by the sun!

To end this post, I am dedicating this French song from one of my favorite singer Carla Bruni (the ex-first lady to Nichloas Sarkozy) to those who dream and work hard to be unforgettable charismatic. Bisous!


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