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What I learn from 2018 Fall Winter

Updated: May 7, 2021

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What do you see during Fashion Weeks? Is it beautiful silhouette, the coming trend forecast (shopping guide) or celebrities in the first row?? To me, runway reflects the real, and possibly the most common, happenings in our daily life. Here are what I learn from this recent closed 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Week.

credit: Indigital

1.Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good, but how daring, you are

One of the most talked shows in this fashion week is Gucci. The scene that models carry the plastic replica of their heads walking through is definitely the signature. Right after the show, a hashtag #guccichallenge grows popular on Instagram: +1,000 celebrities and users recreate the gucci runway look with imitations of holding their own heads. So, anyone cares about fabrics and cutting? Rather than doing the right thing conventionally, it might be more effective to act bold and innovative in this era!

2.Play badass in a subtle way can be more powerful

Chicks dig bad boys, and vice versa nowadays. Being a badass into-your-face might be a bit cliché. Revealing that character through a subtle and elegant twist on your looks rock!

3.Every little thing can be an inspiration- don’t underestimate the power of banal trivia

Of course, designers always love to refer the inspiration of the show to brand archive, film and arts or certain social phenomenon. But who knows whether the actual idea comes from the boring daily routine of the designers. For example: their being couch potato moment while watching TV?!

4.The best way to show support is to be it

Actions speak louder than words. If you are up for environmental issues, just wear than say them!

Fashion is actually more accessible than you think. Don’t you agree?


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