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When Fashion Becomes A Repetition

Updated: May 3, 2021

Upon looking at the fashion trend of this Autumn Winter, I notice something interesting.

From the catwalk and fashion magazines, we see these elements being the top inspirations to lead the trend.

2019 Autumn Winter Fashion Trend

And these are the colours we need to invest in this season to look chic.


Wait a minute. How come I feel this deja-vu? So I look back to the past seasons and found these:

CHECKS Autumn Winter 2019/2018/2017

PRINTS Autumn Winter 2019/2018/2017

80s INFLUENCE Autumn Winter 2019/2018/2017

VOLUME Autumn Winter 2019/2018/2017

NEON COLOURS Autumn Winter 2019/2018/2017

It’s shocking for me to see how repetitive the fashion designs become in the recent years. Certainly fashion has a cycle, but in the past we talked about decades. Under the pressure of pursuing business profit and to satisfy the impatient consumers who always crave for the newness, obviously the creation process of fashion has become more a commercial activity than a hybrid of passion, inspiration and originality. Is it bad? Maybe from the view of a fashion lover who highly expects fashion défilés in every season. The answer may be opposite, however, if from an eco-friendly angle to review the fashion and its impact to our future.

It’s never a secret how highly polluted the fashion industry is among all. The repetitiveness of the fashion trends creates a good chance for us to slow down buying and look into what we have in our wardrobe. The question is, how many clothes do we need to look great? Sometimes what really matters is not the number (according to a survey, most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe anyway and still feel there’s nothing to wear!) Rather, it’s how well we understand our own style, how capable we are to choose the suitable clothes- in terms of colours, cutting and fabric- and accessories to dress according to our style personality.

That also becomes an idea I promote a lot in my Image Consultation and Styling business nowadays. Coming from the fashion world, I used to be greedy and shopped whatever’s on the trend without the second thought. Then I realize that, season after season, what I have is just an exploded wardrobe which gives me a lot of hassles upon moving house (it is a common activity in Hong Kong since landlords are mostly merciless to increase the rent whenever the lease finishes) and a sense of guilt for sometimes having to throw away clothes that are still under good condition. Knowing your style better does not mean you should totally quit shopping. Instead, it helps you shop more wisely and buy something to last longer- both saving the planet and your wallet!

I am proud of my work. The idea of working to help people look and feel good, and meanwhile calling the awareness to save the earth together makes me feel meaningful.

Let’s all be chic with consciousness!


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