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Between Effort and Effortless Style

Updated: May 8, 2021

It has been easy to be seen stylish if one looks polished, elegant and on-trend. Nowadays, however, another subtle requirement appears to be stylish: the style must also seem effortless!

So what does effortless style means? Here are some looks I find on the internet. Somehow the effortless style becomes the OOTD (outfit-of-the-day) uniform for off-duty models, celebrities, actors/actresses and bloggers!

To be honest, do you really believe that these looks can be done 5 minutes right after they get up from bed? Of course not! Despite being effortlessly chic seems that you spend a minimal amount of time and the point is to look relaxed and comfortable, it does involves efforts behind. Of course, cool people can easily convey this attitude even if they wear potato sacks. Yet we have to admit that not everyone is born cool, and you cannot fake cool- you either are or you are not! Given that, the good news is, having an effortless style is still possible for everyone if one spends just the right amount of effort with a good focus.

The successful formula is, start with what you are and just learn to create ONE highlight on top. All the effortless styles are about an attitude. The key to the relaxation and comfort on the look is mostly from how the wearer feels- not so much about whether the style itself is casual or dressy. Therefore, whether what you wear matches with your lifestyle and personality becomes important. On top, simplicity plays the magic to the “not-trying-hard” impression. Here are some tips to create the highlight- they work for both men and women!

Accessories master

Never underestimate the power of accessories- fashion jewelries, scarves, hats, suspender…etc. They easily elevate your plain outfit- no matter how dull they are!

A bit contrast from textures, patterns and colors spices up the total look

Shoes and bags are the easiest and the most effective accessories to create fun color contrast (thank god that sneakers are so on fire now, which makes things much easier!)

Otherwise, check or stripe shirts/tops are my most favorite- only let it out a bit and here comes a highlight.

Personally I always tend to dress monochromatically especially in fall winter for the comfort.

Different textures and length create dimension to the look.

A little imperfection adds charm

A piece of ripped denim, loose hair or mustache naturally contribute to your careless attitude.

Fresh faced

The cleanliness and freshness of the face and hair determine the quality of your look. Cleaning and moisturising on your face and body are the ground work- for both men and women. Remember details make the big difference- if you’re effortless chic or sloppy!


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