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COVID-Inspired Fashion Shows

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

How will the fashion industry become if without the fashion shows?

Before COVID-19, such topic will definitely cause panic- people in the fashion industry will tell you that’s just too horrible to even imagine. After all, without this platform, how will designers present their particular aesthetic and point of view? How could brands show off their prestige and draw public attention? And where can be better for KOLs to fight for the street photographers’ attention and feed their social media accounts with their jetsetters’ moments?

Photo: Getty

In view of the recent 2021 Spring Ready-to-Wear Fashion week, I would say maybe COVID has brought some inspiration to us aside from the damage. By being forced to present the show in a pandemic-proof format, many brands have demonstrated incredible creativities. Without having to compete for the wealth and the disruption from the front row guests’ phones, moreover, the show can totally dedicate to the designers’ concept and the details of the clothes.

I select some of my most favorite 2021 Spring fashion shows. Hope they give you a pure joy as well!


Loewe :Show On the Wall

Photo: Loewe 2021 Spring Summer Show

Instead of hiring real models, designer J.W. Anderson transforms the looks of this collection into giant wallpapers. Each wallpaper shows at 1:1 scale vs. the real model. The designer admitted that the pandemic made it a challenge to source the fabric. Therefore, he used what he had and focused the concept on fantasy.


The invited guests were sent scissors, wallpaper paste and a giant supersize artful images made of the look book so that they can plaster these images all over the walls in their personal space. The designer’s previous show called “show-in-the-box”, which is an opposite toyed with miniature.

“We have to start loving fashion again. We don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. So let’s enjoy it!,” said Anderson, of the collection.


Moschino : Puppet Fashion Show

Photo: Moschino 2021 Spring Summer Show
Photo: Moschino 2021 Spring Summer Show
Photo: Moschino 2021 Spring Summer Show

How can we ensure a Fashion show pandemic-proof yet remaining the authentic experience? Check out Moschino’s string puppet fashion show! At the first glance, this show is nothing different from the traditional one- there are models, industry influencers sitting on the front rows and the designer Jeremy Scott on the back stage. The only difference is- they are all marionettes. The designer reproportioned his design- every fabric, garment, motif- in a miniature without losing the authentic properties of the cloth. Fun and politically sarcastic (“string attached”, fake vs. real)- just very Moschino!


Balenciaga :Night Stroll in Paris music video

Photo: Balenciaga 2021 Spring Summer
Photo: Balenciaga 2021 Spring Summer
Photo: Balenciaga 2021 Spring Summer
Photo: Balenciaga 2021 Spring Summer

Balenciaga under Demna Gvasalia can never be away from street! Instead of adopting digital or traditional physical format, the designer showed a condensed Spring 2021 pre-collection look book with an accompanying video. In this video, models stroll on the quiet Paris streets at night. These streets used to be packed with fashion people rushing to their next destinations during the same Fashion week period in the past. The background music “Sunglasses at Night” accompanying the models’ randomly strolling on streets hint the uncertainty we are facing. The sustainable collection depicting the fashion looks in the next decade- that could be the hope and solution Demina Gvasalia wants to enlighten.


Prada : Dialogue

Photo: Prada 2021 Spring Summer Show
Photo: Prada 2021 Spring Summer Show
Photo: Prada, Live streamed dialogue between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simon

It is probably the most anticipated runway show among all as the collection is the first collaboration between Miuccia Prada and the new co-creative director Raf Simon. The theme “Dialogue” not only indicates creating process of the two designers to re-define Prada-ness. The digital setup of the show venue with multi-facet camera without any guests also illustrates our new relation with technology- we rely on it to link with each other, have dialogue and get to see things (clothes) from multiple angles.


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