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Go For Green

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

It is not a secret that colour can dramatically affect moods, feeling and emotion. If having to recommend one colour in the beginning of this year, I would say why not go for green?

On the one hand, green sends message of  balance, harmony, restoration and peace- exactly what we need to keep up spirit before “spring” comes to save us from this grey atmosphere! On the other hand, unusual shades of green are taking the high street by storm now. That means, we will have a rich palette of green to choose in shops in the coming season. However, to master green, it takes some thoughts.

How to Wear Green


💚 Know what your dominant colour palette: you will easily find which greens suit you. For example, Duchess of Cambridge looks stunning in her dark green coats- such greens with depth compliment her DEEP look (obviously she knows it and that’s why she wears these dark and intense greens so much!) A softer shade however, such as mint green, may just wash her out. Try the Colour Consultation!


💚 It’s always fun (and easier) to play with the colour in the form of different textures and patterns: green florals, stripes and checks are a sure win.


💚 Style your green with complementary hues to break up the brightness: lots of neutral shades such as black, white, beige and dark navy (lucky us- classic blue is 2020 Pantone colour!) are perfect choices


💚 Carry the green as accessories (shoes, bags, fashion jewelry) to make your statement!


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