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My Minimalist Fashion Statement

Updated: May 8, 2021

The moment I hate myself the most of being a shopaholic always comes while moving apartment. Unfortunately, it happens to be a regular exercise living in Hong Kong as the rent often rises faster than one’s income.

I just had my house moving in the past week. Before settled in the new place, I could only live with a small luggage of fashion items I could pack. Always struggling to downsize my belongings yet failing all the time, I take this moving as an opportunity to challenge myself how minimal, yet still stylish, I can live to cope with my summer casual moments and those fashionable occasions. Here comes my packing list:

1. Simple dress with twisted details

Little black and white dresses are definitely essential for all occasions. I intentionally pick these two with interesting details: the creative silhouette and the see-through fabric of this Junya Watanaba little black dress is perfect enough itself for a statement; the ruffle on the bottom of this white dress gives volume and a vivid spirit on body.

2. Maxi skirts

Maxi skirt style can be multi-faceted- it can be sexy, bohemian or formal depending on how one mix and match. This Y’s Pale blue and white Marni skirt both have charming front-ruffle, which becomes a statement already and thus the matching pieces can be just simple. The colors add lightness to the mood and style- just fabulous for the sweaty summer!

3. Stripes rule

Stripe top is a staple that never go out of style! It looks neutral, effortless yet the same powerful as any prints, and can be easily paired with anything: plain colors or prints, skirts or trousers in varies materials. I love the pleated waist design of this black-and-white Sacai, which embellishes whatever I match on the bottom. The red piece always gives me a french mood as it epitomizes Parisian style.

4. Jumpsuit

I can’t think of any reason not to love jumpsuits. It has a perfect ease and comfort, can be cool yet feminine enough. With different accessories, it demonstrates a wide range of style possibilities: edgy, formal or chilled. This breezy silk jumpsuit just perfectly illustrate how effortless chic is like.


1. I love loud pieces sometimes as they are indeed fascinating. Yet the versatility of minimal pieces with a twist would surprise you and live much longer in your wardrobe!

2. Accessories matter- it gives life to a dull silhouette.

3. I never find it easy to manage my wardrobe by the number of fashion items as suggested by the the book “Danshari”(“refusal, disposal & separation”- meaning to get rid of clutter in one’s life). However, I have to admit that life would be much easier if keeping less choices in essential category. Furthermore, it makes the seasonal shopping more fun and with a better vision.


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