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Something about Red Lips

Updated: May 9, 2021

Red lipstick is like magic wane to me. It makes me look glamorous when I am not; it straightens my back on those bad hair days; it enhances my confidence when I come across difficult situations or tough people. It is the most powerful accessory for statement even to go with the simplest and most plain outfits!

Even though I don’t start wearing red lipsticks until the recent years, I have been quite impressed with the power for a long time ago. My first impression dates back to a conversation with a gay friend living in Paris. He confessed the fatal attraction of a Parisian woman with red lips on the nude face to him. That wildness and careless attitude can well seduce even a gay like him.

The second is the grooming of store people from an Italian brand I used to work for. Red lips are essential in the grooming, and they go perfectly with any uniforms in all seasons. Sometimes I just cannot help focusing on those lips when talking to my store colleagues. They can really hyptonize and make one willing to spend!

If red lipsticks are so powerful, why do many women avoid them? It all relates to a stereotype that only “that kind of women” can wear red lipsticks: they are fearless, vibrant, in charge, craving for attention and no shy to reassert their femininity. It does requires confidence to wear red lipsticks, but confidence can also be a result of wearing them. That’s why everyone should give it a try.

It is easy to associate red lips with sexy, utterly feminine or vintage style. To me, red lips are more than that- they can communicate an effortless chic in all occasions! Personally I love to wear red lips with something dandy to have that androgynous charm; or with grungy pieces to strengthen that careless attitude. As long as the base of the face looks fine, red lips can already make a perfect statement on a makeup-free face.

There are many choices of red lipsticks- various shades and tones- in the market. I have a strong preference to true reds, or blue-based reds- they vibrate my skin and make teeth super white! Here is the four lipsticks I love the most currently:

MAC Russian Red

perfect true red with matte finish and very long lasting. I wear it in almost all occasions.

亞曼尼唇釉 #400

這支唇釉是很濃郁的紅, 質感就像亞曼尼的高級訂製服那般高貴而令人驚艷. 擦上時是滑順的奶霜質地, 之後雙唇呈現絲絨質感. 據說這是設計師亞曼尼先生以紅玫瑰為靈感, 親手打造出他心中最完美的紅色. 此唇釉的質地和妝效比較帶有戲劇性, 我喜歡用它來創造性格比較強烈的造型.

3 Concept Eyes creamy lip #1 Pick Me Up

超級柔滑的質地, 保濕度高, 妝效也夠亮, 我喜歡在穿戴活潑色彩或想呈現淘氣的氣質時使用它.

Fresh Sugar Cherry Tinted Lip Treatment

嚴格來說, 這支比較屬於帶有顏色的護唇膏, 不應該和其它唇膏相提並論. 但是, 在它擁有超舒適的質地, 輕薄的妝效以及可口的黑糖味這些優點之餘, 絕佳的顏色飽和度, 正紅色調, 都是受我青睞的原因. 我特別喜歡在懶洋洋的日子, 或者想創造無害的親和感時使用它.

Vivé le lèvre rouge!


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