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The Beauty of Imperfection

Updated: May 5, 2021

Ever since I started my own styling business, I’ve received this same advice from different people.

“Try not to look always perfect. Most women don’t like to be served by a Ms. perfect!” A very wise girl friend said to me.

“Your words may not be convincing enough to clients if you present a perfect image,” my mentor told me, “it’s wiser if you could sometimes show them your weakness as well.”


Pursuing not only being good but also better has always been what I’ve learned growing up. « Area for improvement » is the common question that I had to cope with in appraisals at both schools and corporates. Therefore, I’ve been so used to always well equipped myself for success and promotion. And now it’s not a good strategy anymore?!

Then I think of the current «perfectly imperfect» fashion trend. It has been long in the fashion world to promote aesthetics with zero flaw. However, since seasons ago, the fashion industry develops a more versatile value- economically and emotionally-to beauty. For example, those “flaws” on clothes- wrinkled, deconstructed, unfinished and worn out- that used to seen as striking and unrefined are now the new chic.

The bad taste in the past is now called “ugly chic”

Those impeccable models who used to appear on catwalks and magazine covers now also share the seats with those “imperfect” ones.

Winnie Harlow- Canadian fashion model who is famous for her skin condition vitiligo. She’s also a public spokesperson on this pigmentation disorder.

Rick Genest-known as Zombie Boy. A Canadian artist, actor, and fashion model. Died in August 2018 due to suicide.

The Japanese philosophy “Wabi-Sabi” means the wisdom to appreciate the simplicity and flawed beauty. It nourishes many great Japanese designers to win their seats in the fashion world dominated by the “perfect” Western mainstream with their experimental “imperfect” collections. Nowadays, this aesthetics has penetrated and opened the fashion industry to re-evaluate flaws, which gives birth to more versatile and fun fashion looks. I guess the same idea could also be applied to those who can embrace their weakness- as a result, they could be more open-minded, creative and happier in life. With our natural flaws, stylists are allowed unlimited possibilities to create looks with uniqueness and characters. To me, this is the beauty of imperfection!


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