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The Small Flaws in Your Eyes Could Shine You in Life

Updated: May 3, 2021

A recent news triggers my thought. It’s a debate sparked by the Spanish fashion house Zara’s recent cosmetics campaign, in which Li Jingwen- one of China’s famous models- shows her non-retouched face with obvious freckles. This image is accused by some Chinese netizens of “uglifying China”.

“They are discriminating Asians’ view of beauty!” said a Weibo user.

“She could look so pretty in any other pictures” said another netizen,” what’s the intention to make her look this unattractive?”

Image: Zara

Whether I agree with these comments does not matter. Yet I have to confess- at the first glance at the campaign, it’s really the freckles of the model that catches me. They appear such a strong character that completes her carefree attitude in the advertisement. Without this touch, she may look just like any other popular Chinese models to me!

The definition of beauty changes over time. Once upon a time, a rat-faced look was seen as a disadvantage whereas nowadays it’s a character in fashion people’s eyes. Men with feminine side were called sissies. Yet today young Asian pop stars charm the public for their androgynous looks with six packs. Trend comes and fades. The only problem is, with the rising of social media and plastic surgery, people easily get brainwashed and pursuit this up-to-date perfection regardless how they are built. Hence the look of beauty becomes homogenous and boring.

The big similarity among all Miss Korea contestants in 2013. There was even a photo hunt game on internet inspired by this picture. Image:


Kardashian attitude”- difficult to tell who the real Kim is!

K-POP effect formulates the look of “handsome boys” nowadays

I guess that’s why most movie stars in the past decades remain legendary and unforgettable when we talk about icons. Their looks may not be perfect, yet they shine and being remembered eternally for their unsurpassed charisma and style.

As an Image Stylist, it’s my habit to observe and ask in our first meeting how my clients feel great about themselves, and things they want to change. In the consultation, sometimes I realize that what shapes your attitude and personal style may not be your best features. Rather, it could be those little flaws to you making you unique and impressive. They could be the best gifts from the universe- the question is whether you have the chance to discover and transform them into a personal highlight.

So next time if you have a strong urge to give away something you’re built, take a deep breath and ask first- is it really this intolerable, or would it possibly be your shining star to stand you out from the rest?!


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