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White Shirt Mania

Updated: May 9, 2021

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Can’t remember since when I start this obsession with white shirt!

Maybe it all starts from those days when I had to travel big time. I love traveling light and thus something that could help me be versatile in all occasions becomes my first choice naturally. As white shirt yellows quickly, it becomes a habit to keep looking for replacements and collect them. Thanks to its easy-to-add-on nature just like white T-Shirt, fashion brands love to keep white shirt as collection essential. There are always tons of choices for white shirt across brands- from the perpetual plain, simple style, to the seasonal fashion twists to the avant-garde design. One can never get bored upon shopping white shirts!

What I love the most about white shirt is that you can’t go wrong with it. The fabric of a white shirt has its personality already- cotton is soft, comfortable and omnipresent; linen is light and chilled; silk gives elegant touch; poly-cotton (65% cotton, 35% polyester) and polyester are with good structure. Its versatility comes from what you wear with it- a sharp trouser, a bold and colorful skirt or a 70s-inspired bohemian denim jeans. It shows different attitude depending on whether you tuck it in, let it hang loose or tie it with knots. Moreover, a white shirt also brightens complexion by reflecting light, which makes it an easy “age-defying” solution to all ages.

Everyone knows how to wear white shirts in a basic way. To make a simple silhouette more stylish and interesting, one can be creative in details: for example, half tuck-in, sleeve rolled, unbuttoned or wearing with bold and colorful accessories. Or try something bold on the bottom.

If a white shirt has been quite distinctive already, the rest can just goes simple. Of course, if you’re a styling expert, playing with the silhouette would be fun. Layering is always a good tactic!

Have fun with your white shirts in this summer- let it brighten you up with style!


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